about us

After living between Tulsa, Oklahoma and Punta de Mita, Nayarit, Mexico for over 25 years, Mario and Nic Guajardo, a father-son duo, have always had a desire to bring delicious Mexican street food to Tulsa. Spending a few years developing this dream into a reality, the Guajardo’s met the perfect people to bring Mexico to Tulsa. Joseph Hull III and Joseph Hull IV, also a father-son duo, have traveled all throughout Mexico and deeply understand Mexican culture and the power of great Mexican cuisine.  

From there the Guajardo’s and Hull’s partnered with Chef Sebastian Renner, a prominent and highly skilled chef from Punta de Mita, Nayarit, Mexico who has one of the hottest restaurants in Nayarit known as Makai (Link). Chef Sebastian developed the menu consisting of authentic Mexican street food with his creative touch and flavoring that represents the spirit of Mexican cuisine. 

Tacos x Mezcal focuses on bringing traditional Mexican dishes that represent the countries true street food experience with a fun twist. In addition, Tacos x Mezcal focuses on bringing unique, artisan mezcal’s, along with tasty margarita and cocktail options with flavors representing Nayarit, Mexico.  

Everything is house made with fresh ingredients, and for those who are vegan or vegetarian there are many phenomenal options to choose from. Check out our menu options